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Dickens County PlayDay Series Awards Party

Dickens County 4-H Horse Club held their end of the series awards party June 11th at Roaring Springs Ranch Club Pool. the kids and parents had a great time eating hotdogs, swimming, socializing, and getting awards. Without the support of all of our Adult Volunteers and participants this year Series of Playdays would not have been possible. We would also like to than Spur Veterinary for providing us with our meal. The following Sponsors made this years playday series possible. Finally the winner of the $500 Gift Certificate… Read More →

Dickens County SR. 4-H Meeting

The SR. 4-H Meeting was held on April 30th and this meeting was focused on officer elections for the 2017-2018 year. The following are the officers for the SR. 4-H Club.   President:                     Shaylee Boger Vice President:           Jayden Duggan Secretary:                     Kade Miller Treasurer:                    Belle Smith Reporter:                      Mackenzie Miller Parliamentarian:        Kollier Miller

District Livestock Judging Contest

An awesome day for the Dickens County Livestock Judging team. Everyone that participated did an excellent job. Participants are as followed, Jaydee Foster who placed in the top 25, and Mackenzi Gardner who placed 4th overall in the Jr Division, Gavin Arnold, Kollier Miller placed in the top 25 , and Gunnir Bateman placed 3rd overall and 4th overall in Reasons in the Intermediate Division and the Team placed 6th overall, and Jayden Duggan participated in the Sr. Division.

Adopt-A-Highway Community Service

Sunday April 9th was the Adopt-A-Highway clean-up day. We had a great turn out and picked up a significant amount of trash that was on Loop 121. Participants are as followed: Llano Bateman, Gunnir Bateman, Belle Smith, Mackenzi Gardner, Lyndee Foster, Jaydee Foster, Bucki Smith, Melania Ramirez, Paisley Smith, Alyssa Fulmer, Noah Tanner, Alyssa Ellis, Courtney Taylor, and Rilee Foster. It was overall a very good Community Service Project and a good thing for the community.

District Horse Quiz Bowl

Some Stiff competition came to the Horse Quiz Bowl this year. Held April 10th in Vernon Horse Quiz Bowl offered an opportunity to learn more about horses and then test that knowledge. Participants were, Mackenzi Gardner, Jaydee Foster, Lyndee Foster, Kollier Miller, Gunnir Bateman, and Bucki Smith. Although we did not come home with a banner we did eat Pizza Hut and Braum’s so who were the real winners.

District Horse Judging

Horse Judging was held in Vernon, TX on April 10th. There was a great turn out for the District and the County and was overall a great competition. Even with this stiff competition we still had success. Mackenzi Gardner placed 4th overall, and Lyndee Foster placed in the top 20 in the Jr. Division, Bucki Smith and Gunnir Bateman place in the Top 25 in the Intermediate Division, Jaydee Foster also participated in the Intermediate Division, and Belle Smith placed 7th and Jadyn Duggan Placed 10th in the… Read More →